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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is the key to attracting potential customers to your business

There are many ways to drive internet traffic to your website. But as paid traffic becomes more expensive and other methods veer towards the “hit and miss”, for certain types of businesses, optimising your website to attract internet users will turn out to be the only realistic solution. Being a specialist SEO firm we are well placed to ensure that you receive value for money and see a positive ROI for every cent you spend on SEO in trying to attract more customers to sustain or grow your business.

As an ethical SEO agency we are equally as concerned about the quality of traffic we generate for your site as we are with the long term sustainability of that traffic source. There are certain SEO consultants who do not follow ethical seo practices and who might be able to get your website to rank at the top of Google in a short space of time. The problem for you will arise when Google makes changes (which they always do) to its algorithms. The traffic to your online assets could disappear overnight and wipe out a sizeable part of your income.

At Seo Expert London we recognise that most businesses don’t want to take over the world; they only want a realistic share of their local market that they can serve month after month. If however you want to make a bigger impact our SEO services can help you dominate your market one city at a time.

Reputation Management

Gain trust, build authority and increase client loyalty

There are many companies who have learned to their cost the importance of reputation management and keeping a watchful eye on their corporate image. Whilst it is essential to produce in-demand goods & services and have excellent customer services, one bad review or comment by a disgruntled customer or a careless word from an employee can do irreparable damage to a business.

So, what is reputation management? In essence online reputation management concerns the “influencing and or control of an individual’s or business’ reputation

Given its importance, who would need to manage their reputation? The answer to this question lies in the fact that these days, your reputation is a matter of public record. From Facebook to Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram to name but a few platforms, what you have said, what has been said about you, will live in cyberspace forever.

Whether you are a business, a politician, a musician or any other public figure, what people see about you must be managed. They should only see what you want them to see: positive helpful information.

To some people reputation management is about fixing what has gone wrong with your public standing. At SEO Expert London we take a different view. Whilst appreciating that managing your reputation involves suppressing negative publicity, the key to maintaining a good public status lies in creating a positive image before something goes amiss.

For this reason we see reputation management as a pro-active strategy for building your authority & brand, enhancing your reputation, gaining trust, customer loyalty and ultimately more clients. This is when it becomes Reputation Marketing.

Social Media

Rank your social media assets to swallow your market whole

As social media becomes more integrated into our everyday lives, businesses of every type and size endeavour to engage with clients to share news and experience. They give us information about their background, their mission, their philosophy and their products. They also communicate with us about their offers & discounts and encourage us to buy their goods and services.

At SEO Expert London we keep abreast of the latest social media trends both locally and in the wider globally arena. This enables us to help you stay connected with your audiences on whichever platform they use.

Search engine marketing means not only ranking your website but also your other online assets including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube among others. We can regularly post to your business accounts to ensure your clients stay in touch with your messages.

We also recognise that sometimes you might need to undertake short-term and perhaps even longer-term social media promotional campaigns. As well as advising you on setting up your paid advertising, we will manage and run it on your behalf.

Web Design

One thing that’s worse than not having a website is having a website that no one visits

Because we know that a poorly designed website will lose you customers, we take great care in ensuring that our customers’ sites adhere to several very important criteria.

1) No matter how important, well written and engaging your website content might be, your customers won’t read every word of it. They scan your web page until they see something that catches their interest. We use this knowledge to ensure our clients’ web content is well presented and that it is clear what the website is about, who it is for and what your customers expect to get from it.

If your website has relevant & easy to read content that’s straight forward to understand and navigate, your visitors will be kept glued to your site and you won’t have to worry about your competition.

2) Your website must stand the test of time and being part of your online asset, must continue to deliver results for you over the longer term. We develop your website to be mobile-responsive, capable of being viewed on any mobile device as well as on desktop computers. Nowadays as more internet searches are carried out on mobile devices rather than desktops, this is an important factor that we bear in mind.

3) Our hope for all of our clients is that their brand will go viral on the internet, attracting countless concurrent visitors to their website. If this happens to your business you would expect your website hosting platform to cope with this. When you work with our agency all of these issues will be taken into consideration when designing your online assets.


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