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SEO Expert Brighton

Is Your Business Brighton Based And In Need Of An SEO Expert Brighton?

When your website is not on page 1, you are losing customers to your competitors in Brighton daily! You need SEO.

As a digital marketing agency operating in the South East of England, SEO Expert London provides SEO services in Brighton. Known as the “hippest place to live in the UK”, this seaside resort is home to over 274,000 inhabitants. The city can trace its origins back to the Bronze Age and is referenced in the Domesday Book (1086) as Brighthelmstone. This was the official name of the city until 1810 when the shortened version Brighton, replaced it.

It is often overlooked that the city of Brighton incorporates two towns: Brighton and Hove. The two was combined to form a unitary authority in 1997. Brighton was granted city status in 2000 by Queen Elizabeth II as part of the millennium celebrations.

Brighton has had a chequered history, growing in popularity during the Middle Ages then suffering a falloff in the early modern era as a result of storms, foreign attacks, economic hardship and a declining population.

In the modern period Brighton’s fortunes began to change as London grew more prosperous. Better road transport links meant that the town became a staging post for boat travel to France. Many of the visitors to the town at the time were attracted by what they believed to be the “healing powers” of sea bathing.

Brighton’s evolution into a trendy coastal resort occurred during the Georgian period. The Prince Regent, who later became George IV, spent a lot of time there and built the Royal Pavilion. Many of the city’s other major buildings were constructed during the Victorian and have become iconic landmarks. They include the Grand Hotel, the West Pier, and the Brighton Palace Pier.

Today Brighton is the most popular UK seaside destination for foreign tourists attracting over 8.5 million visitors every year. They are drawn by the city’s reputation as the hub outside of London for diversity, eccentric shops and expansive music & arts scene. Brighton also has a large LGBT population, leading to its recognition as the “gay capital of the UK.

Although relatively close to London, Brighton is not a feeder town for the London economy in the same way that a lot of other large nearby towns are. It has its own thriving economy based on tourism and the large number of companies which are located in the city. As there is a need for Brighton to compete with its bigger neighbour for talent and customers, how does it do this? Like other companies anywhere else in the world, businesses in Brighton use SEO marketing services.

Perhaps surprisingly, Brighton was identified in a 2001 report as one of five future “supercities”. This placing was more than justified when the city was ranked third in December 2013, on the UK Vitality Index Report. The directory showed the relative economic strength of towns and cities in the UK.

Situated in close proximity to Gatwick Airport, it was reported in 2012 that more than 1,500 of the airport’s 21,000 workers live in Brighton and Hove. Companies attracted to the city include, American Express, Lloyds Bank and Asda. Brighton is home to over 250 media companies – especially digital media – and has been known since the 1990s as “Silicon Beach”. This is the area of the city where you might find specialist search engine experts if you Googled, “SEO expert Brighton”.

The Hollingbury Industrial Estate provides space for large industrial, commercial and retail organisations. Residential accommodation as well as spaces for other retail, leisure and food outlets is cited at The Lanes, North Laines and Churchill Square.

With a purpose-built conference centre generating more than £8 million per annum from 160 events, Brighton is a popular destination for conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. It is a fashionable venue for political parties and musical A-listers.

Brighton’s cultural attractions include:

The new purpose built Brighton Open Air Theatre (B.O.A.T)

Brighton’s two universities: University of Sussex (12,500 students) and University of Brighton (20,000 students) serve students from all over the world.

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Brighton Festival

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Theatre Royal Brighton

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The Grand Hotel Brighton


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